INF101 is a new molecule in-preclinical development for the topical treatment of dry eye, an ophthalmological indication with a market potential above CHF 2 billion.

INF101 was shown to inhibit the production of a cytokine involved in dry eye syndrome via a novel mechanism of action and this biological activity translated in an efficacy comparable to cyclosporine A, the gold standard therapy in this indication, in an animal model of dry eye.

Inflamalps will bring INF101 up to phase I with proof-of-concept in dry eye associated with Sjögren’s syndrome.

Inflamalps has in-licensed INF101 from Onconox ApS for development in particular in ophthalmological indications. Inflamalps has an exclusive license to develop and commercialize INF101 worldwide in all indications as well as exclusive licenses on granted composition of matter patents and use patent in ophthalmology.

Anti-microbial new molecules: The screening of extracts from selected microorganisms provided 7 extracts with remarkable activities against multi resistant microbes (bacteria and yeasts). We initiated the fractionation of the extracts from these microorganisms to identify the active molecules responsible of their antibiotic activity. Our results are suggesting that the purification of the active molecules will be straightforward, and we could rapidly move forward towards the characterization of at least one novel antibiotic.